Brenda Hollowell
MS History/Math/Bible

My name is Brenda Hollowell. I began teaching in 2017 here at Trinity Christian Academy.

I believe God has called me into teaching to minister love to students while encouraging them to reach their potential. Learning is such a personal journey, not every student is learning on the same level nor do they all have the same learning style. It is my job to find out each student’s learning style and ensure they are given the tools to succeed.

My favorite part of the job is finding ways to individualize learning so each student finds their ‘Aha!’ moment. Since students need three exposures to new information before they can commit it to memory, I try to vary the methods in which students receive information. We do pre-reading, take notes with note takers and graphic organizers, and turn important information into games.

Students look forward to learning when learning is in the form of fun and that is what we strive to do here. Students will be challenged to think critically, learn to work with others, and will be encouraged to present information to the group in an informative manner.

Trinity Christian Academy fosters a safe learning environment which encourages teachers to design creative learning methods. At TCA, we are a family that can laugh together, cry together, and most of all, pray together. It is a wonderful experience being able to pray over the students and allow them to pray for one another.

TCA fosters an environment of academic excellence while building Christian character in our young people so when they leave this place they are equipped in the knowledge of truth and ready to serve the Lord where ever He calls them.

I earned my BBA at Wayland Baptist University and am currently working toward my MBA with a specialization in Project Management. I married my husband in November of 2000, and we have two wonderful children who love and serve the Lord with the individual gifts He has blessed them with.

There is no substitute for Christian education. Being challenged academically with biblical world truths integrated into learning provides children with a well-rounded experience and prepares them to hold fast to these truths as they grow older. For this reason, my husband and I chose to invest in sending our children to Christian private school for their entire academic careers. Because of the education they have received, they are strong in their faith as well as in academia. When I am not working or going to school, I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors and reading a good book from time to time.