Sharm Davis
MS Math/Science/Bible

My name is Sharm Davis. I have been a part of the Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) family since 2012, first as a parent and now as the middle math and science teacher.

I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, my Master’s in Public Health from American Public University, and I will soon have my PhD in Public Health from Walden University.

I love teaching at TCA! The students are exceptional young people, who love Christ and enjoy learning. My classroom aim is to facilitate learning through opportunities that allow students to engage in hands-on activities and practical application of concepts. In addition to being able to share Christ with my students; my favorite part of teaching at TCA is the liberty that I have been granted to expand the learning environment of my students beyond the context of the classroom.

As a TCA parent and teacher, I believe that TCA is much more than a school; it is a home away from home in which students are genuinely cared for and dearly loved.