At Trinity Christian Academy our students participate in events that enhance their spiritual lives and sow into our surrounding community.
Elementary school students not only participate in a weekly chapel but are given ways to put their faith into action. From the annual drive to raise money for children with Leukemia to making cards to honor our nation’s heroes, even our youngest students are filled with the desire to serve those around them.

Middle school students also meet for chapel each week.  Area Youth pastors and Senior Pastors teach students biblical truths.  Additionally, the Middle School has a fall retreat to focus on their relationship with God and bond with their fellow students. Each semester the Middle School students perform varied community service projects that are a benefit to those in our city.  The eight graders attend an annual missions trip to a metropolitan area near San Antonio.
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TCA provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities.
Starting in elementary school students are given the opportunity to take advantage of several clinics and after-school programs.

Students in grades six through twelve who are of high academic standing and who also stand out in the areas of character, service and leadership are awarded the prestigious honor of being inducted into National Junior Honor Society chapter. 

Middle school students are offered the opportunity to be part of the school band. 
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TCA Students have the opportunity to compete in annual ACSI academic and art competitions every year.

The facilities here are also used as a local venue for the annual ACSI Science Fair and ACSI Speech Meet academic competition.

Annual ACSI Competitions include: Speech Meet, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Science Fair, Band Competition, Art Festival, Yearbook Competition.

We celebrate our students’ artistic abilities and awards every year in the spring with our Fine Arts Night.


The Athletic Department at TCA offers many opportunities for students to play in competitive sports.

We currently offer:
Soccer – 6th-8th
Basketball – 6th-8th
Volleyball – 6th-8th
Tennis – 6th-8th
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We have  a comprehensive crisis management plan  to ensure our students’ safety.     

The action plan is available upon request in the office. 
We encourage students who are bright, inquisitive, imaginative, and compassionate to apply. If you are interested in discovering all Trinity Christian Academy has to offer, apply now and have a member of our Admission Staff contact you regarding any questions you may have.